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What if you could get your app up-and-running…in 10 minutes or less? Sound too good to be true? Not with MakePack – the most powerful way for small to medium sized businesses to create hosted apps in a jiffy. Stay in touch with the people that matter, with one-click-sharing functionality. It’s all available at the push of a button.

Launch your app today. Get hosting and a business card – 100% FREE!

Communication is what makes the world go around! Make your information easily shareable, and yourself easily contactable via text, WhatsApp or voice call.

The MakePack app has been uniquely designed for integrated campaigns. It’s never been easier to reach your market through powerful QR codes and NFC tags.

One-Click Wonder

Thanks to an intuitive interface, you don’t need a rocket science degree to get going with MakePack! Create professional shops, catalogues and photo albums. Generate coupons. Control everything with one username and password in minutes. Anyone can get started with MakePack – right here, right now!

QR Code Perfection

MakePack makes it easier than ever to generate QR codes for print, or even enable NFC chips to get your marketing message out there. Want to redirect visitors to your mobile web app? It’s easy as 1, 2, 3!

Real-time statistics

Enjoy instant, accurate and invaluable insights into the information that matters; all in 100% real-time. By learning more about your customers’ behavior through intuitive tracking, you can make the changes you need to keep them smiling.

Any Occasion. Anytime.

Party? Product launch? Business card? Name it, create a QR code, and voila! Use MakePack to put NFC chips on your products and give customers more information than ever before.

Everything you need. One central space.

A firm foundation is the secret to a thriving business! Use MakePack to build and adjust your app as business booms. With a host of powerful features that you can start using immediately, there’s no time to lose. We’re ready to grow with you, turning your feedback into ongoing results. Get started today, thrive tomorrow!


Nobody will know how you do it, but everyone will see how incredible the results are. Use MakePack to create a jaw-dropping app for your business, or design your own digital identity. It’s all integrated – vCard, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Events, RSS, Instagram, Flicker, SoundCloud, Photos, Catalogues, Coupons, E-Commerce, Loyalty Cards…the list goes on and on!

Reward Loyalty

Say thank you through powerful digital tools that make your customers feel special! From coupons to e-commerce, forms, Social Media integration and more, there’s only everything to gain.

Sign up for Free. Upgrade as you grow.

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