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Allow people to contact you from the app by Call, Text or Whatsapp. It's up to you. Let others share your info in the Social Networks

The mobile web apps are easy to share, launch on spot, which makes it perfectly suited for all sorts of QR and NFC campaigns.

Point & Click

Create Shop, Cataloges, Photo Albums, coupons controlled by user name and password as with the intuitive interface even the least technical person will feel like a professional . Build a mobile web app within minutes.

QR code

Print a QR code on whatever you want, use NFC chips to spread the message or just redirect mobile visitors to your mobile web app.

Real-time statistics

Real-time statistics give you insights on who is visiting your mobile web app without delay. Track visitors and their interactions.


With vCard, FaceBook feed, Twitter feed, YouTube channel, Events, RSS, Instagram, Flicker, SoundCloud, Photos, Catalogs, Coupons, E-Commerce, Loyalty Cards, and so many more, You can create App for business or for private needs

For every occasion

Create a QR code and use it for invitations for a party, promotion of a new product or your business card. Put NFC chips on products in your store for additional information. Launch your mobile app and invite people to interact immediately.

Customer loyalty

With features like coupons, e-commerce and forms for every kind of occasion, your Facebook and twitter feeds, your YouTube Chanel, and many more you have powerful tools to drive customers to your business, and keep them coming back for more.

All the features you need

Start with a good base. We have a lot of features you can use right away . We're constantly looking for improvements based on your experience. Let your uses share with one click the App or specific page, with ready made text

Start for Free. Upgrade when you grow.

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